Vibrations and Choice Points

Fantastic winter landscape and worn trail leading into the mount

There is our “wiring” and there is beyond the wiring. It’s all simply an experience, nothing more. There is no good or bad, only vibration. THERE IS NO GOOD OR BAD, ONLY VIBRATION. And our skillfulness at living in a way that matches up with the vibration or frequency we want to BE in.

Of course, we’ve agreed to play along as if that’s not the way life is. But that time for us as a human collective has come to an end. There’s no more avoiding the beautiful gift of our personal response-ability and sovereignty. If this is new for you, that’s okay, keep reading.

If we vibrate as a victim or martyr or savior/rescuer. or aggressor/bully/narcisist, that’s what shows up in your life. We attract opportunities for big and small servings of the same energy.

If we vibrate with worry, stress, anger, depression, anxiety, more of this shall be attracted. It’s all okay. Just know it is your choice. (YES, these are choices wrapped in storylines… to learn more, you might pick up Unwinding Anxiety: Free Your Mind, Get Your Life Back)

And to the degree we vibrate from big heart space, from Love, compassion, joy, peace, awakened nature… that’s what you will see and experience.  


For instance, when I step out of the higher vibration or frequency to roll around in agitation and a stupid argument about nothing (mostly because I’ve chosen to stay in agitation (either solo or with another person), it is either because I agreed to it, I chose to keep prolonging the experience in myself no matter where it started. 

If someone hollers at me, that’s a reflection of them. If I yell back (and sometimes I really like to yell and howl back), that’s on me. Good? Bad? Or just an experience?

We ARE RESPONSIBLE for ourselves only. That’s it. And the energy pointed toward us when someone yells or laughs or groans or snarls… we don’t have to accept it (and we don’t have to actually do anything about it). Respond, react, let it drop, ignore it. It’s all a choice. 

Imagine this

A low vibration rolls through your space, your field of awareness. Maybe it’s irritation, anger, lethargy, a blue funk, negativity, worry, fear. Anything less than love.

Sense it, see it, feel it, taste it…whatever you agree to experience.

Now, do you let it roll through and keep on moving? Or jump on it and ride it like a wild cat? In the cat scenario, do you ride that energy until you are bored, exhausted, or wise up? And the next choice point: Do you try to cage that wild cat so you can ride it all the time? Or let the kitty go?  

If you’re a wild grey tabby cat due to someone tying tinsel to your tail, does that change the response? Does it matter if someone did something to make me crazy? How is your response different? Or is it?

Go with the wind.
Go with the wind.

THE UNIVERSE’S INVITATION TO YOU: Always, always, always be gentle with yourself as you explore.

No rush, no pressure.

My experience is the wind blows through, brings with it a certain pattern or energy or vibration, I experience it based on other factors like I’m feeling/sensing hot, cold, or just right. And then I respond or react (there’s a difference). 

So, I am an extension of that experience, and others will then go on to experience “me” in a way based on their last moment or the energy of another moment/season (which is stored in various ways in the physical, mental, emotional,auric, spiritual, etheric bodies). 

And now we have a tidal wave hitting off the coast of MeVille. What will you do?

Simply begin to recognize the choice points in each movement of energy. And witness what you do with that choice.

Big Love to you,