“You help people find their voice – their real inner voice, inner Self. You’re like a freedom coach. Better than that, I know when we meet it is like being on a retreat. My whole body relaxes. I’m going through a major awakening – and you played a big part in that.” C. G.

I’ve been very blessed, the session we had together, I just felt so safe to open myself to this vulnerability. This is something very special. Not a lot of people open this trust in me to really express these things I can’t even express to myself. Very powerful.” Lukas

“Andrea is amazing to work with. I did an energy healing session and she literally moved some mountains for me. ?It was incredible. Her workshops are awesome too, I am learning so much about becoming the human I know I am.”

Rae Greenip (on Facebook page for Pure Light Project)

“WOW! I have been working weekly with Andrea Mai and her “Quantum Healing” is A M A Z I N G ! A hand specialist told me I needed surgery and thanks to Andrea at Pure Light Project I am on the mend and we expect a full recovery! The mind, body and spirit part of her practice has been extremely beneficial too AND I just finished Andrea’s 12th book “Lifelihood: 31 Days to Explore Work, Time, Money & Intention To Create Your Best Life” and it was great. I can’t wait to read all of her books (which are easily found on Amazon). Thank you!” KK

“I mentioned I’d had a head ache for about 2 weeks. She shared her gifts and techniques with me to do through your the day. My headache was gone within the hour and I felt so renewed I practiced the techniques several times today for good measure. I hope everyone will connect with her to experience healing.” A.F.

“I struggle with widespread chronic pain and Andrea had asked to do a few Quantum-touch sessions with me. The sessions began in person and continued from a distance. I am a natural skeptic, but I can see how energy can play a part in the healing process, and it certainly can’t hurt to try. I was thrilled to notice a marked improvement in the hip and leg pain I had been experiencing after the second session.” Kelly S.

“I booked Andrea for a writing and healing session to help me process some emotional intensity coming up in my life. Through her heartfelt guidance and prompting, I was able to allow my writing to reveal more insight into how I was feeling, and how to work with it. As I wrote, she offered Quantum Touch, and thus helped relax and open my energy channels giving greater ease in my process.  Andrea’s compassion, gentle but insightful guidance, and whole-being approach make for a beautiful and helpful process. I highly recommend work with Andrea to access some of those inner depths of being.” Leslie Gossett

“You are amazing and I’m so glad to know you. I really felt better yesterday. You made me relax and calm. Your kindness and compassion mean so much to me, I was truly touched by you.” L.B.