Curiosity Leads to Vitality


How can we shift from a stuck, dull, hampered existence into vibrancy, radiance, and joy? Read on as I share my experience and a simple practice you can do today.

This is from Lifelihood: 31 Days to Explore Work, Time, Money and Intention to Create Your Best Life

The word of the day is stagnant. It followed me around wherever I looked.

Luckily, I’m no longer stagnant. I’ve never felt more vibrant or alive and at peace. But a year ago, stagnant definitely applied. I’d grown a bit mossy and comfortable over the years, never having had enough pain — other than the pain caused by my own desire — to unshackle myself from my current way of living. It came out sideways in aggressive comments and unhappiness.

I listened to the wind not for wisdom but for the universal nod of approval to jump ship and do something different. It never came.

The answer I always heard was, “Stay.”

Or worse, “Patience.”

Yuck. Those were terrible words to my vagabond heart.

Still, I kept asking the universe, my friends, my wife – when do I get to live my real life?

Wait, are you telling me this is my real life?

Last year, I resolved to make a change for the better, to figure out how to: Get Happy, Live Simply, & Be Authentic.

On paper, not much changed. But in my mind and heart and body – wow, what a difference!

For instance, every year, I write a couple of books. This year I did that again.

I also worked on another project, looking for the right direction. I knew it would come. I just stayed with it, touching in and following the energy even if I couldn’t where it was headed. But I was frustrated.

Finally, FINALLY, the message smacked me upside the noggin. 

The message? It’s not about the outcome. It’s about being — and being okay, regardless.

What? How do I do that? Oh, yeah, I’ve been practicing it on the meditation cushion for a really long time, and sure, that applied to every other area of my life. But you want me to trust the wisdom of the cushion in this, my most personal struggle? I have to give this up, too?

So, I tried it out. I decided it would be an experiment. My pain couldn’t get any worse. Why not try a new mindset?

The two things I based my life on this year:

  1. Curiosity

2. The wisdom of now (which I also connect to as my body wisdom)

In my search for the life that fit, I discovered if I don’t stay curious, I withered on the vine.

We have this big, bold, powerful gift of consciousness and awareness. And it is like mining for gold and rubies and emeralds – a lot of digging and sifting, but oh, the riches!

The other side of that is that if I never dig, the vast stores of abundance stay hidden. Now, this is a metaphor and maybe not the best one, but stay with me.

So, how do I know where to dig? Ah, that is the question.

I started to notice. I studied what others did when they found the jewels. I paid attention to my surroundings. But how do I know what is the right direction?

Our bodies are a compass. They tune in to our true north. We only have to pay attention to the frequencies.

Lately, I stay with the day I’m in, the moment I’m in. I know what I have to do for the day. Laundry. Dinner. Work. But I stay open to the subtleties. Oh, squash for dinner. No t.v. tonight. What’s this book calling out to me? Is there something in there I’m supposed to see? Cool.

This has come after a lifetime of future-spinning. I lived the first 40 years of my life in a daydream about the future and “what if?” instead of the moment. I accepted the gift of Now. Will you?

I fully trust the wisdom of the moment and my curiosity to draw me or magnetize me to what I need right now.

Today’s Practice…

What do you trust? What are you curious about? Explore it in your journal.

Enjoy the process of getting to know yourself better,


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