Deep in the still swirl of the empty space

Galaxy in space textured background

Deep in the still swirl of the empty space,

Lightness of emptiness, no-thing.

No-thing is all-thing is One, all and none


like the delicate crisp shell of a

rice-paper body… thinner,

lighter still…

the light body experienced and then nothing.

Remember the lightest, lightest, crunchiest

cracker you ever bit into.

Now, lighter still… A thin sheet of ice

upon a mud puddle, how it cracks at the pressure of the toe of your shoe….

Lighter still.

Being invisible and


luminous, radiant… to the pond we go…

ripple from the center

out, out, out,

beyond, further, further, light

catches and shines upon

the ripple… diamond light in the dawn and dusk….

Crystalline shine

upon a hayfield of snow,

Poplar branches, Scotch Pine, Cedar boughs flocked

with diamond crystals of white and clear…. Beyond brilliance…

and no matter the brutal freeze, they shine.

Because of the brutal freeze,

they glisten and there is completion.

I become the glistening branch, the light captured in crystal flakes and drops….

Can you see how Sun reaches it, breaches, it,

moves through to make

magic for the eyes to observe, for light to see itself?

Can you see, dear sunshine?

See yourself in this display of this particular universe, galaxy, planet?

Ain’t we that groovy glorious bright shine? Oh yeah baby, we sure are.

And nothing at all. A speck, a swirl, a flash of nothing at all that never was, ever is,

Pure potentiality bliss kiss.

Written on 21 January 2022