The Big Event

Sunrise in Illinois

 October 10, 2022 location somewhere on I 57 in Illinois heading towards Effingham

Time 9:08 AM Central time

What was just received about the big event: It’s not an event happening to us but is created by us. What is perceived as a solar flare or shifting of the earth plane and tectonic plates… Whatever this perceived event is that everyone continues to speak of, it’s not an outside event that will cause humanity to shift. It is consciousness reflecting consciousness. 

So even if it is perceived as a solar event coming from outside of us, it is happening in lockstep. We open, we receive, we give, and send. There is no other outside of us. I know not yet how to specify this in words. It is all arising together. Even the perception of fractionalization and fragments and separation, the illusion based on the perception we are imagining ourselves looking at ourselves, our self. We are analyzing the dots and dust and details.

As I spent time with family this past week, noticing the “other” aggravation I experienced at the continued downfall or downshifting or lower vibrational experience with certain individuals. noticing what arose inside of me, old ridiculous patterns and frustration because when we have the opportunity to be extraordinary, to operate from a place without pain and suffering, we continue to choose to stay in that lower state to seemingly connect with another or the perceived other.

What happens if the entire play falls apart? What happens if the father figure is no longer a part of this play? Can one fully drop the father figure or the mother figure or the brother figure or the cousin figure, the auntie, the uncle? Can one drop the self, lower self and higher self, relative self and ultimate self for what we see is all the self and having infinite combinations of experiences? Does One need to? Can one sit in the void and be void? The void is full and empty, every thing and no thing.

Over and over I return to the play. Again and again, to the void. Continually I go north to the place of my birth and return home to the place where I reside in Tennessee. Endlessly I travel; infinitely I am nowhere, no-where and now-here; as space, in space, and beyond space.

Even as I look out right now and see short shrub trees, scrub trees, silos, and fields of corn and green, in an hour I shall see something different. Even if I were to sit in this field in this one spot, it shall shift all around me. Constantly. Continuously. It matters not Perceived location. All is in flux. What is perceived through this persona and avatar shall be unique to it. No matter how we tried to marginalize the view, homogenize the view, it cannot be done. For the spirit knows better, and will not allow itself to be dull plastic, lifeless.

The big event we perceive is within us. That is all. The big event is us. The big event is beyond us.

The big event, when all shall be agreed-upon. The perception of humanity, the experiment of earth and humanity.

Shall we change costumes or scenery, or shall we stay in this place? Will we go off-screen or will we find a new stage?


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