Cells & Souls

Milky way over field with wheat at night in summer

November 3, 2022 Thursday

This is today’s conversation with the soul collective which identifies itself as Glory, with which my Highest Self/Aspect/Soul is connected.

At the end of November or early December, I’m releasing a collection of these conversations in a book and audiobook, so if you enjoy these messages, the book is going to be very potent for you.

(NOTE: “A” identifies Andrea speaking, and “G” identifies Glory speaking)

When I communicate with all the Highest aspects of myself (call it soul, call it essence, call it the fullness of this Consciousness, call it nothing at all…), I found that there is a collective of other strands of Consciousness that weave throughout all universes and existence in the name of Compassion and Love, often as message bearers, scribes, beacons, and guides. It is a frequency.

NOTE… Glory communicates through my “Andrea” experience of language, and so thee, thou, thine, thy are used not to be formal, but to express an elevated level of lovingkindness, compassion, and respect for Consciousness in all its forms. And of course, when there is a goof in how these terms are used, it’s only because I, Andrea, need to get clear on the grammar. I hear these words, yet they are really simply my internal processors translating frequency/vibration into words.



A: Is there a message to bring forth today?

G: Ask for someone …

A: let us begin with using the character of Andrea as a representative of the whole….

Ah, actually, let us discuss the angelics and ETs…. This is coming in loud and strong right now.   Specifically, ETs which is not something I ‘ve given much focus to….

Ah, yes, Andrea this is for thee, share if thou choose.

You called in the angels, the angelic realm, and felt the pure white dove, as a symbol, open up within thee and fill the entire expanse. You wonder if this was you or the other (I was working with a client), and yet you know full well what it was. Accessing the higher states. It is for theee, a gift, on one hand, the gift thou gave thyself. Yes, sister, you gave this gift to yourself.

The Holy Whole Spirit descended down, one might say for thee to access; however, it is more that thou opened thyself to full contact with Source. Is it amazing for thee?

A; Yes, very much. It’s been a while since I had my heart blown open to a new tier, level, realm.

The one known as Andrea is in many ways ceasing to be as she was…. A dissolving of all outer programs into One Whole . Emptiness, as you know, is the inaccurate language symbol. Ether, Air. Energy. Consciousness, beyond all. There is no ‘no-thing,’ and you’ve innerstood this since always… Language lacks. 

G: How is it experienced in thy human form?

A: As if all the cells are pure space and energy , each and every cell is a universe, a galaxy, an inner expression of the outer, an outer expression of the inner, splitting, forming, replicating, each with a role to play. Every cell a holder of consciousness, a being…. And when it no longer serves the whole, it ends. And when this form no longer serves the Consciousness, it ends, yet it may not have to leave again for a very long time. It is a choice.

A/g: We are not there yet, have not made that choice. What can be said is just like one perceived outside of Andrea cannot do Andrea’s inner work, one outside the human form and Earth plane cannot do the work of those in this planet, this Cell or Cluster or Group of forms, thoughts, words, deeds, actions, cognition….. Each is also just like the gall bladder, the spleen, the tongue, the kidney, the cartilage of the knee. All the whole, and also all in passing.

A: Yes, this has been a back-of-the-mind sentiment for a long time.

As above so below, as inside, so outside…. Eyes closed, eyes open, ears closed, ears open, all the sensory notions.

G: And in the heart of it… ah, those fun human words and expressions… in the center, at the origin point, it is both encapsulated and has expanded like a daydream to create boundless universes.

Thy dogs rolling about on the floor. They are one with thee, one with this consciousness, and yet they experience themselves as separate universes, separate planets, galaxies, beings, doings, and all the systems confined within the expression of each, down and down and down it goes to the origin field, to the natural state of creation where the spark in the dark became.

A: ah, yes, and this is the great mystery of it all.

G: Thus, for now, let us expand. The soul collective as we are, are simply cells in a moving stream that land in all the places where this code of compassion and deepest love are called through the energetics.

As emotional beings with high cognition, …cognitive and intuitive, and instinctual—there is a frequency band that is held within this collective. We are this frequency. It has a different context for different beings. We shall explore this more later.  As it is now, the human collective is ready.

Much love.

(note from me… I see we never did specifically address ETs. Perhaps another conversation for another day, or perhaps the answer lies within this writing. see for yourself.)