One Breath

Have you ever tried to meditate?

Here’s the condensed version, what I call One Breath Meditation.

Take a breath. Follow it in with your awareness. Notice the gap in the middle. Follow it out.


You just meditated. Don’t discount the beauty of that one breath and its wholeness as a meditation.

Whether you’ve done this once or one million times, take a moment to come into it with new eyes. Then write about it from your heart, from your whole experience.


Set the timer for 5 minutes (or more if you want). Hit all the details. Notice all the sensory perceptions. Now WRITE.

Do One Breath Meditation (and certainly you can do many more than one. As for the breaths, play with the differences between a normal breath and the longest, slowest inhale and exhale you can muster.)

Now observe.

How did that feel?

What did it taste, smell, sound like?

Was there a texture that arose for you?

What does your body feel like when you focus on your breath?

What does your mind feel like when you focus on your breath?

This is an excerpt from my book Be Here: Explore Right Now

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