Quick Tips to Release Stress & Anxiety Naturally

Here are 5-6 quick Tips from qigong, breathwork, reflexology, acupressure, and more you can put to use right away and get some relief. I often share these in group meetings, especially when people are nervous about speaking.

In my late 30s, I went through a few years of chronic, nearly debilitating anxiety. At the time, I was on medication to manage it (quite ineffectively!). And then finally all my years of meditation and mindfulness training led me to a way to dissolve the anxiety. I share that story and process in my book, Unwinding Anxiety: Free Your Mind, Get Your Life Back.

Since that time, I’ve been exploring additional ways to release stress and anxiety to support ourselves during the process of dismantling and releasing it, things I wished for but didn’t have as I struggled.

The best methods I’ve found are those that help us breathe better (when the chest is tight), reduce the sensation of a high pulse or high blood pressure, and simply relax the nervous system. This year I’ll be releasing a new book documenting all of those wonderful tools to add to your toolbox.

For now, here is a video I created sharing some of these incredible methods you can implement today!

And here are the written instructions for the video.

These exercises are meant to get your qi, your energy flowing, flushing out stagnant and blocked energy in the body so you experience gentle relief from tension, stress, and anxiousness.

Qigong and acupressure (fingers, not needles) both work with life force energy and the meridians in our body. Breathwork is excellent for activating the body’s natural relaxation response. And energy healing is powerful in relaxing and healing the body.

Exercise #1 Solar Plexus Reflexology point

On the palm of each hand, in the center area, apply medium pressure you’re your opposite thumb, rubbing in a counterclockwise direction for a couple of minutes on each hand.

This is the reflex for the solar plexus points in your hand.

Exercise #2 Energy Shower

1. Rub palms together until they are warm.

2. Close eyes and place palms over the eyes, cheekbones, with fingertips resting on your forehead. Now, imagine washing your face.

3. Draw palms over top of head to the base of the neck, back over hair, down the face, down the chest, run hands around to the back, down over hips, back of legs, around to the front of legs, up the front of the body.

4. Cross hands to opposite sides of the chest and shoulders, down the arms.

5. When hands are at wrists and wrists connect, rotate the hands at the wrist intersection. Gently clasp the other wrist, then return hands to closed.

6. Repeat this relaxing process at least three times.

7. End by caressing your palms up and over face the last time, then cradling the head at occipital ridge, letting your head rest in your hands. Then return hands to the face.

Exercise #3 Acupressure for the wrist

1. This is known as the inner frontier gate point in Chinese medicine. Measure three fingers’ depth from the bottom of the hand.

2. Feel with your fingertip for the place about in the center, between the tendons. Apply pressure or massage for 4-5 seconds on each wrist. Then gently release.

Exercise #4 Acupressure Points

1. With your finger, press the area directly between the eyebrows. Do this for a few minutes, gently pressing and massaging.

2. The second area is higher on the forehead in the center. You have activation points for the pituitary and pineal glands. The pituitary point is directly above the pineal gland point in the center of the forehead. Press and massage these two points for about half a minute then gently release.

Exercise #5 Breathwork

Breath technique: breath blocking


Inhale for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4, exhale for a count of 4


Inhale for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4, exhale for a count of 7

#6 Fire breath

This oxygenates the blood, relaxes and energizes the body.

Rapidly inhale through the nostrils and out through the mouth for 5-6 repetitions. Careful, this one might make you dizzy if you overdo it.

#7 – Quantum-Touch

If you can’t clear the stress, anxiety, etc through these or other methods, reach out to me for a Quantum-Touch session. Most clients find it to be very relaxing and healing, allowing them to release physical, emotional, and mental blocks.  

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