Quick Tips to Boost Your Immune System

Here’s a video I created sharing 5-6 quick tips from qigong, acupressure, reflexology, and essential oils you can start doing today to boost your immune system.

At the end of the video, I perform Quantum-Touch for you. SO sit back and enjoy the healing energy as I invite your inner healer to participate.

Boost Your Immune System Naturally

These exercises are meant to get your qi, your energy flowing, flushing out stagnant and blocked energy in the body and supercharging your immune system. Qigong and acupressure (fingers, not needles) both work with life force energy and the meridians in our body. And both are exceptionally good for us!

Exercise #1 Qigong body tapping

1. Get the energy and blood circulating. Start at the hips, and with your fists, gently knock from the front hips socket/flexor area, then down the outside of both legs and back up on the inside. Do this 3X.

2. Next, knock with your fists on the kidney area on your back. Do this for about 10-15X. Then, move upward on the front of your body, gently knocking all the way up and across your chest.

3. Next, knock with your fists from the top of the shoulder down the top of your arm to the palm of your hand, then up the inside of the arm. Repeat 3X.

4. Knock across the chest to the other shoulder and repeat on that side.
Move up to the neck, face, and head gently tapping with your fingertips all over these areas. Do for 30-60 seconds.

Exercise #2 Tapping and massaging the Thymus

1. Locate the triangular bony area below the hollow of your throat and running to about midway down your breastbone. This is the seat of the thymus. You can gently tap here to activate the thymus. The thymus is a powerful spot on the body for our immunity, but during puberty it
starts to atrophy and be absorbed by the body and fat.

2. Gently tap up and down on the thymus region for about 5-10 times. Above the area of the nipples, in the center of the breastbone is what is called the Upper Sea of Qi. Massage here for about 30 seconds. This regulate the thymus gland. You can do these once or twice a day.

Exercise #3 Acupressure – Shu Mansion

1. If you locate the interior edges of the breastbone, below the throat, you’ll feel the hard edges of the bone to either side. On each side, you gently press and massage for about 30 seconds.

Exercise #4 Acupressure – Crooked Pond

At the elbow, locate the outside of the elbow crease – where you bend your arm. Massage here on both arms for about 30 seconds.

Exercise #5 Discharge the yuck with vibration

This is a beautiful way to discharge out of your body what you don’t want to hold onto, getting rid of the waste and toxicity. And it’s fun!

1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Simply start to vibrate your body, gently bending at the knees you can bounce your body gently up and down. Loose the arms and wrists.

2. Imagine you are expelling all the unwanted forces. As you inhale, draw in clear, clean qi or energy. As you exhale imagine sending it all to the outer edges of your skin, no longer within the body. And release it in your mind.

3. Continue to breathe deeply down into the belly. Inhale good stuff, exhale all the way out from the bottom of your belly. Visualize all the unwanted things evaporating and being dissolved bythe healthy qi.

Exercise #6 – Quantum-Touch

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Much love,

Andrea Mai