8 Ways to Integrate Energy for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People

Are you feeling thrown by the wild energy swinging around everywhere these days?

I don’t know about you, but I feel as if I am vibrating so high I might vanish and dissolve on the spot. It becomes physically uncomfortable to be in this state, and that makes it easy to reach for a giant bowl of popcorn, extra pizza, a cold beer at 6:30 a.m, or other indulgences to anchor, hunker down, and hang on to the earth.

I’m learning to blend and integrate this higher energy more and more every day. How about you? It felt good that I’d gone all week without reaching for something. And yes, I’ve felt this ultra-high intensity pulsing and growing every day.

Immense love, when we invite it, sometimes feels like it is going to overpower our circuitry. We need a breaker switch. Learning to pilot and integrate is individual to each of us. Still, there are some surefire ways to take the edge off, without taking us from the edge.

How can we care for ourselves, yet make room for the the energy flow? Without tamping it down?

#1 Ground your feet and body in the elements.

Mama Nature loves you! If you hear in your heart, ‘sit in the rain,’ so it. If your inner voice says ‘walk barefoot to the mailbox’, take off your shoes and do it. Be outdoors as often as you can.

There is something soothing that happens that calms the nervous system and the spirit when we get into the elements and letting nature support us.

#2 Remember your rock friends.

Two nights ago, I’d had all I could take. It felt like I was tuned into the pain and heartbreak of the whole city. Grateful that I can feel and sense deeply, but in need of a way to soften the edges of the energy, my wife reminded me to get my empathy stone. “Go sit with it. You need it.” This empath’s stone is Spheralite. I have two of them. I laid in the hammock on a heavenly evening to lay there with the heavy stone upon my chest. It rested over my heart center. It lulled me into a calm place.

#3 Turn off your devices.

Just set them down in one room and go be in another one for a bit. Even if it is so crazy uncomfortable because you’re used to being connected. The energy will mellow out if given a long enough break from gadgets – and social media.

#4 Listen to your inner voice, to Spirit, Divine, your guides, whatever.

Don’t know about any of that stuff? Listen to the quiet space inside you. Honor it and give it plenty of room to hold you and love you.

As a meditation guide, I know intimately the power of sitting and listening. The best place for me to do that is in a room with the lights off and natural light coming in with no gadgets.

Don’t know how to listen? Is there a book that inspires you? Let it be your guide today. Read as much as feels right to ground you, like tap roots seeking a source of nourishment.

#5 Play and Move.

Wear away that ringing, ping-ponging energy and emotional residue by moving your body.

Dance, walk, run, stretch, do qi gong, skip like you are a little kid! This will give you a clearer reading of the energy you are experiencing.

#6 Cool it.

Hush your spirit with cool water inside and out. Remember how good it felt to run through the sprinkler on a warm summer day? It still does. A nice tonic of water and lemon, maybe a splash of ginger or thyme does wonders as well!

It doesn’t have to be ice cold, just not warm. Something about it helps to reset the body.

#7 Easy does it.

And oh, baby, be gentle with yourself and the ones nearby. Gentleness and quiet go a long way when everything else is ringing like a loud gong in your ears. Find a quiet spot and enjoy being ever so still. Maybe a cozy blanket or a fuzzy furbaby? And hey, how about some compassion practice. “May I know peace and joy.”

#8 Energy for your energy.

Run Quantum-Touch energy on the areas that can stimulate relaxation and integration, including parts of the brain, the heart, vagus nerve, and the nervous system. It can help integrate all that wild, fizzy, fuzzy feeling. Let me know if I can help.

That’s what I can offer in this time.

Stay centered, turn off the noise, listen deeply, more deeply than feels comfortable.

Big love to all,

Andrea Mai

Certified Quantum-Touch Energy Healing practitioner at www.purelightproject.com

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