Experience The Bliss

Episode 002: Pure Light Project Podcast

This prompt is here to get you connected to the bliss state.

What is bliss? What does that really look like? Noticing what loosens the knots in your chest. Feeling your calling all through your physical and psychic bodies – you know – that “truth spot” in your body you can trust or that little niggling puddle of awareness that “this is my thing.”

So, what is your bliss, your passion, your calling, your dream?
Name it. Out loud. On paper.

Notice as you explore it where tension arises in your body and mind.
Do you spend more time thinking about it than doing it?

Get to work. Set it in motion by expending some juicy creative energy. Write. Dance. Plot. Pray. Paint. Cook. Learn a new skill to support your endeavor.

But what is bliss? Seriously. How will you know if you don’t go deep into the action of creating? Do you spend all your time plotting out the business or the book or the screenplay or the gallery or the best team to support you? Do you talk about it more than you do it?

Today, do one thing that feels joyful, fun, and smile-inducing! Just one small thing or one big thing and smile as you do it. Experience the bliss.

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