About Andrea

Andrea Mai is a Metamorphosis Adventure Guide.

She brings her sacred and playful voice into her many books as well as to the multiple ways she works with clients and students. Writing/publishing coach, energy healer, mystic, and meditation teacher.  She hosts workshops, retreats (coming soon: Blisscamp!), and works with clients for private Transformation sessions. I

t’s been said she brings freedom and liberation to clients through her calm and inquisitive approach. She wishes there was a jazzier word than facilitator, but alas, this is the word that best explains her approach to holding space for you to remember who you are. ¬†Piemaker, puddle stomper, pondered, poet, ukulele plucker, song-maker-upper.

Pure Light Project arose out of all the many paths I’ve walked in order to help myself and others get comfortable with being ourselves.

And the biggest struggles all seem to draw back to one thing. Trusting your inner voice.

When we don’t trust our inner guidance, the wisdom of our body, mind, spirit, and connection to the Highest Self and Source, we experience so many struggles. Depression, anxiety, uncertainty. It creates physical issues and illness. Without that deep connection to your core essence, life can feel like, “What’s the point?”

It’s time to connect with yourself, drop what no longer serves who you are today. In this moment, this Now.

Be you. Be clear. Be in this moment, right now. Not you from yesterday, from a past life, from another time and place. Right now, who are you? And what do you wish to experience? It’s your choice.

And, most importantly in being you…It’s not about how you are received. It’s about how you show up in your true self and inner wisdom. Oh, and did I mention we can lighten up? Yeah, baby, it’s time to be playful.

The postcard version of who I am: Sacred voice. Facilitator for deep exploration, transformation, and healing. Intuitive. Awake. Deep listener. Curious. Guide for the adventure of discovering yourself. Journaling aficionado. And, I have a big toolbox full of simple, life-changing tools and goodies to facilitate the transformation you seek.

“Let go of who you used to be, show up as who you are today.”


If you want to see if working with me makes sense for you, set up a Quick Chat at:


I promise it’s painless!

My focus is helping those who are ready to release and activate for the New Earth experience.

It’s pretty spectacular to liberate yourself from old patterns and programs. To both listen to and share your divine, sacred inner voice. Are you ready?

Wherever you are in your journey of awakening or remembering, please know that we are all in this together.

You are not alone.

AND, each of us gets to do our individual work to clear the energies of the old low vibration paradigm. It’s time to unblock and release old traumas, dramas, and confusion within ourselves.

I’ve worked with clients in all kinds of professional and life paths, and stages of life. Writers. Artists. Chefs. Coaches. Marketing and business consultants. Spiritual teachers. Healers. Advocates. Parents. People. The New Earth has room for all of us – and all of us at our highest and best frequency!

And I’ve worked with people in all stages of their journey.


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