006: Financial Aspects and New Ways of Doing Business

In episode 006 of the Pure Light Project podcast, Andrea Mai talks with Daniel James and Matthew Brower of Frontier Capital Trust. These two along with a third partner are consultants who specialize in helping you set up certain kinds of trusts. And they also help people to navigate debt in different ways than are traditionally understood. I’m a fairly pragmatic and discerning person, and what I learned in 30 minutes from Matthew as we hung out at a festival campfire is very exciting. While I haven’t known either of them long, there is a genuine quality from both to help people break free from the illusion of the current financial system.

These two have an invaluable service they provide. I’m excited to work with them and get my trust set up to protect my family. And if you’re interested, I’m setting up a group to go through their program. If you’d like to join me in December 2021 or January 2022, email me at andrea@purelightproject.com.

The guys share their spiritual journeys and how it has impacted the work they do of providing financial empowerment education for those who want to live with real freedom. We discuss a little bit about their work consulting on the use of trusts to protect yourself both financially and from certain liabilities.

And they share their experience in starting a business built on a new way of working together.

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Matthew’s email: matthew@frontiercapitaltrust.com

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